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Indiana Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer

Local attorney covers broad legal territory

The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey offers valuable counsel, representation and litigation services in northeast Indiana. Our practice covers many legal areas, from criminal law to personal injury and business transactions.

Criminal law

Upon being charged with a criminal offense ­— or if you think a criminal charge may be imminent ­— your first call should be to our qualified criminal defense attorney. He has the experience and the knowledge of the Indiana legal system to provide you with quality representation and legal advice.

The key areas of our criminal law practice include:

We have a regular presence in Indiana criminal courtrooms, enabling us to devise a robust defense of your criminal charge in the pursuit of justice.


Indiana’s drunk driving laws are among America’s most stringent. Our attorney is well versed in OWI/DWI law and aggressively defends you against these charges. A DUI conviction may cost you your license, raise your auto insurance premiums, force you to enter into a substance abuse education program or even cost you your job. We are adept at defending you against OWI/DUI charges, working to have them reduced or dismissed.

Traffic law

If you must drive to work, a driver’s license is critical to maintaining your income. However, many traffic violations in Indiana can cost you your driving privileges. We defend you against traffic-related crimes and consequences such as:

By analyzing the circumstances and the charges, we will determine the best option to retain your license and keep you on the road.


Personal injury

If you suffered an injury because of the careless act of another, you should contact our skilled lawyer. His valuable counsel helps you organize your thoughts, determine your rights, establish the details of the event, prepare your statement for your insurance company and build a strong case.

Business law

In addition to our litigation services, we assist the Fort Wayne community with business transactions and disputes. Mr. Lackey is well qualified to offer business counsel, supported by a Master of Business degree and 10 years of experience as a financial analyst. As the owner of a finance company that helps business owners in the community secure loans, his understanding of what small businesses need to flourish is vital to local establishments that require financial guidance and assistance.

Connect with a well-rounded Fort Wayne attorney

The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey offers a wide range of legal services. For a free consultation and cost-effective representation by an Indiana attorney, please contact the firm online or call us at 260-222-7364.