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Moving Violations

Indiana Moving Violations and Fort Wayne Traffic Law

An attorney who helps fight costly traffic charges

The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey offers you forceful representation when fighting to have charges of Indiana moving violations reduced or dropped. To help you avoid having points attached to your driving record as well as paying fines and costly insurance surcharges, we are able to provide legal advice and protect your rights.

The most common Indiana traffic violations and point values

In Indiana, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles places a point value on most moving violations upon conviction, with points remaining on your driving record for two years. This can result in insurance surcharges, and if you accumulate more than 18 points within a two-year period, you may incur fines and/or suspension of your driving privileges.

Upon conviction of a moving violation, the offenses and corresponding points that would appear on your driving record include:

  • Driving while suspended, 8 points
  • Failure to yield to emergency vehicle, 8 points
  • Racing, 8 points
  • More than 26 mph over speed limit, 6 points
  • Disregard of stop/yield sign, 6 points
  • Failure to yield, 6 points
  • Tailgating, 6 points
  • 16 – 25 mph over speed limit, 4 points

Ryan E. Lackey tells you the exact point value attached to your violation, the severity of the charge and the implications of a guilty plea as opposed to defending your case in trial.

You may also incur a surcharge on your auto insurance policy upon conviction. The firm can suggest the best ways to reduce or eliminate the charge and discuss the possibility of reducing your insurance surcharge by taking a driving course.

A strong defense can help beat an Indiana speeding ticket

Speeding tickets in Indiana are among the most common moving violations, and our firm uses various litigation techniques on your behalf to mount a successful defense against them.

In court, we work to shed doubt on the methods used by police by asking such questions as:

  • Were you actually traveling at the speed claimed by the officer?
  • Did road or weather conditions contribute?
  • Was the radar system in working order?
  • Did the police officer receive proper training in the use of the radar equipment?

Our attorney argues to reduce or dismiss your charges, seeking to avoid insurance premium hikes and the negative effect of points on your driving record.

Get help with your moving violation from a Fort Wayne lawyer

The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey have solid relationships with traffic court judges in northeast Indiana and can negotiate for a lesser moving violation charge. For a free consultation and cost-effective service, please contact the firm online or call us at 260-222-7364.

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