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Credit Card Fraud

Experienced Fort Wayne Debit and Credit Card Fraud Defense Attorney Serves Allen County and Surrounding Areas

Reliable Indiana lawyer fights criminal allegations involving lost or stolen cards

The best thing you can do if you believe you are under investigation or have already been arrested for credit card fraud is to call The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Credit card fraud is a felony in our state, meaning that in addition to possible jail time, you would have a felony on your record that would impact your ability to get jobs, obtain housing and otherwise live a normal life. We’ll look into the situation quickly and advise you about your legal options.

Determined counsel defends against alleged unauthorized charges and other misuse

Since our firm was founded in 2008, we have defended people throughout northeast Indiana who have been charged with nearly every type of credit card fraud listed in state law. Specifically, Indiana Code Section 35-43-5-4 is the law in question, and it criminalizes the following acts:

  • Using a credit card that you know was stolen
  • Using a credit card that you know was forged, revoked or expired
  • Using someone else’s credit card without consent
  • Claiming that you are the authorized user of a credit card without the card holder’s permission
  • Selling a credit card when you are not the issuer

We have successfully defended clients accused of stealing physical cards and using electronic methods (hacking) to obtain credit card information.

Knowledgeable law firm handles cases involving credit card skimming devices

Indiana law makes it a crime to possess a credit card skimming device. Possessing these machines, which are often used to steal credit card information at gas pumps and ATMs, is a Level 6 or Level 5 felony, depending on the intent of the person skimming cards. If the purpose is identity theft or fraud, the charge is usually the lesser Level 6 felony. If the intent was “terroristic deception,” which is connected to terrorist or weapons of mass destruction, the crime is increased to a Level 5 felony.

A conviction for credit card fraud or possessing a credit card skimming device carries significant penalties in our state, including jail time of six months to six years and fines up to $10,000.We provide aggressive and intelligent representation in these cases.

Dedicated attorney provides representation in federal cases

Credit card fraud can be charged in federal court under certain circumstances, typically when the fraud crosses state lines, such as transporting stolen or forged cards in interstate commerce or knowingly receiving goods obtained by using cards that were stolen or forged. Our criminal law attorney is experienced in handling federal crimes and knows how to effectively present defenses in the federal system.

Get a free consultation with an Indiana credit card fraud defense lawyer today

The Law Offices of Ryan E. Lackey in Fort Wayne, Indiana builds strong defenses against allegations of credit fraud and related crimes. We offer a free attorney consultation where we can explain how we can help. Schedule yours by calling 260-222-7364 or contact us online.

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